43 minutes | Mar 22, 2015

GBS4: Getting your brand out there

We know getting your brand out to customers is essential for running a business, but it can be so hard to determine where to focus money, time and energy on when it comes to promoting your brand. In this episode, we talk about where are the right places for service based businesses, the importance of thinking laterally as well as literally when deciding where and how to promote your brand. We also discuss cost effective ways of getting your brand out there further through partnerships and the power of referrals. Listen here Click here to listen (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/gbs4-getting-your-brand-out/id975991464?i=338168854&mt=2) to the podcast on iTunes. Subscribe here Click here to Subscribe to the Gritty Business Show on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-gritty-business-show/id975991464) and listen on your phone or tablet. To find out more about subscribing or to add the show to your Android or Windows devices, please click here (http://grittybusinessshow.com/subscribe-to-podcast/). In this episode, we covered: * What are the ‘right places’ for service based businesses * How do you know when it’s out there? * Thinking about the customer avatar (again!) - where are they for pleasure (hobbies / interests) as well as business * Examples: Alex Polizzi, The Fixer, TV episode (see link below) * Headspace Facebook activity * Cutting through the ‘noise’ - research, research, research * Understanding the ‘norm’s in your sector and doing the opposite * Looking outside your genre for inspiration; how does Jamie Oliver do it? How can you use those ideas to help promote your brand * Power of referrals and Julie’s book-keeper! * Thinking like a drug-dealer * Making sure your product is the best it possibly can be - reference to chapter in Rework book (see link below) * Getting results into your reviews * How partnerships can stretch your budget further - used as powerful endorsements, extending your reach, trust and credibility Links and Resources mentioned in this episode Books: * Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lean-In-Women-Work-Will/dp/0753541629) * Big Ocean Strategy, W.Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne (http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Ocean-Strategy-Uncontested-Competition/dp/1591396190) * Rework: Change The Way You Work Forever, Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0091929784/ref=s9_simh_gw_p14_d0_i1?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=1T0N0RFNQ2
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