38 minutes | Apr 30, 2015

GBS11: Securing an ongoing pipeline

To build a business which has a secure, ongoing pipeline of work is one of the toughest challenges for most businesses. The anxiety  around not knowing how much you're going  income you're going to be generating from one month to the next, can lead to high levels of stress and time being taken away from working on the rest of your business. In this episode we talk all about moving away from the 'famine vs feast way of working - being super busy delivering and then having nothing to work on and starting the cycle again of pitching for work and drumming up new clients. How you can avoid it and what tools you can start using in your business to move forward and secure a steady flow of income. Listen here Subscribe here Click here to Subscribe to the Gritty Business Show on iTunes  (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-gritty-business-show/id975991464)and listen on your phone or tablet. To find out more about subscribing or to add the show to your Android or Windows devices, please click here (http://grittybusinessshow.com/subscribe-to-podcast/).     In this episode, we covered; * The vicious circle of 'famine vs feast' and how most businesses fall into the circleThe vicious circle of 'famine vs feast' and why most businesses fall into the circle * Pitch for work, win the work, deliver the work....end! * What impact that causes on your business; difficult to plan, resource and manage cashflow * What happens when you reach your capacity? * What do you need to change your focus and priorities to * Understanding need for 'bread & butter' work * How can you get ongoing, regular work from clients - repeat business is ALWAYS more cost efficient than acquisition * How to 'farm' existing clients * What can you offer them? retainers, ongoing maintenance e.g website can provide monthly trends, ongoing site support, one to one coaching on areas; how to build email list, social media etc - packages to be created * Why forecasting is so important in helping you easily identify gaps in your business * Nurturing and building ongoing relationships; existing clients, partners, industry influencers * Building relationships before you want to work with them * The power of a great lunch! Allocating budget and time for new business / business development activity....be clear on focus / outcome and track results * Creating good habits for regular business development activity Tips * Delegate delivery * Scheduling time for new business * Focus on 'f
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