20 minutes | Jan 10th 2019

UNLISTED: Warren vs. Sanders. Haddish vs. Katt. Apathy vs. Anger.

UNLISTED: List that didn’t exist until you made them here. Better for Underdogs?: Warren vs. Sanders, Travis vs. Chrisette, Haddish vs. Katt, and Apathy vs. Anger. Asha Destiny, Terrilyn Crawford, and Underdogs debate. NOTE: This segment was part of Episode 97 that is already available in your podcast feed. Happy New Year and enjoy! UNDERDOGSTUFF® Live Radio Show & Podcast - The intersection of pop culture and personal growth. Underdogs’ perspectives on the news and the culture from all the “UN” angles. The Voice of the Underdog! Hosted by Gregory Nesmith. More info about UNderdogStuff® and Gregory on https://gregorynesmith.com.
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