3 minutes | Jul 28th 2019

Episode 103 - UNscripted Sunday Morning Thoughts

Episode 103: “UNscripted Sunday Morning Thoughts” - Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening; depending on what time you are listening to this episode. It is an impromptu Facebook Live / IG TV (Original Video Here: http://bit.ly/2Y6Qja1). I hope you enjoy this special pop-up podcast episode. What new projects are you working on this summer that has you all in and UNstoppable to make it happen? Click here https://gregorynesmith.com/contactme/ to share or email me at UNderdogstuff@GregoryNesmith.com. Let’s talk about it! UPDATE: New episodes of UNderdogstuff® Live Show & Podcast are coming back soon! UNconventional perspectives on making it in business and life. Underdogs talk entrepreneurship, the culture, and collective growth from all the UN angles. UNconventional, UNinhibited, UNforgettable… Hosted by Gregory Nesmith. More info about UNderdogStuff® and Gregory on https://gregorynesmith.com.
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