6 minutes | Apr 24th 2019

Episode 101 - What’s Next For UNderdogStuff!?!”

Episode 101: “What’s Next For UNderdogStuff!?!” - This special pop-up episode is dedicated to pitching, persistence, and patience. Let’s keep going on this journey together. I applied to the Google Creators Program, REJECTED. Then TED Talk Residency Program, REJECTED. Next up, applying to Wharton’s Venture Initiative Program (VIP-C) for startups! It would help with the plan to evolve UNderdogStuff and continuing to make the most of my adventure in Philly. Application has been submitted. You’ll hear the audio of the informal pitch video that was required for the application (Video on YouTube too: https://youtu.be/3PUcNWmmuYU). No matter what happens...I’ll keep ya posted on the outcome. What’s something you are applying for or pitching this Spring / Summer? Let me know at @GregoryNesmith on Twitter or “Contact Me” page on www.GregoryNesmith.com. Thank you and appreciate you! UNDERDOGSTUFF® PODCAST - You know how we do. We share the inside scoop on how Underdogs find our reset buttons, again and again, until we successfully make it in business, in politics, and in life. We do it from all the “UN” angles...Unconventional, Uninhibited, Underreported, and more UNderdogStuff®! Let's keep coming up together! Hosted by Gregory Nesmith. More info about UNderdogStuff® and Gregory on https://gregorynesmith.com.
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