42 minutes | Feb 4th 2019

Episode 100 - How To Live To 100 (Literally and Figuratively)!?!

Episode 100: “How To Live To 100 (Literally and Figuratively)!?!” - This episode features the latest UNavoidable News, new list of UNlisted, a special Underdog Spotlight, and in-studio Asha Destiny Davis (Comedian & Writer) and Terrilynn Crawford (Producer & Podcaster). UNAVOIDABLE NEWS: A Black History Month POTUS throwback. UNLISTED aka “Better for Underdogs?”: Rachel Dolezal or Omarosa, Illmatic or Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, Old Kanye or Old Ben Carson, and Hellos or Goodbyes. UNDERDOG SPOTLIGHT: Shining it on UNderdogStuff® this special episode. How to make it to 100 in real life and podcasting too. Shout out to everyone that has gone with us on the journey of the first 100 episodes! Thank you and appreciate you! More to come later in 2019! UNDERDOGSTUFF® Live Radio Show & Podcast - You know how we do. We share the journey of how Underdogs successfully handle our business and our biznass! We do it from all the “UN” angles...UNcover, UNpack, UNlearn, and more UNderdogStuff®! Let's keep coming up and coming back together! Hosted by Gregory Nesmith. More info about UNderdogStuff® and Gregory on https://gregorynesmith.com.
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