2 minutes | Aug 30th 2020

E111. Daily Prayer.

On the morning of Memorial Day 5/25/20, Steven Jackson (Co-Founder at ALLin Lifestyle: https://bit.ly/2GdpQiT) interviewed me about my return to Philly, my work with Bridges 2 Wealth, and what’s next for UNderdogstuff. It was an overall conversation on unpacking the journey. One of the questions Steven asked me was about my morning routine. I shared that my mornings include time for prayer and meditation. He then asked if I would share what I say in the mornings… The audio is my daily prayer and the video (by ALLin Lifestyle and originally aired here: https://youtu.be/O_eHxBPY1qA) is what has been happening daily since Memorial Day. *NEW FALL 2020!* The Weekend Word w/ Gregory Nesmith, powered by UNderdogstuff. Community. Culture. Capital. www.GregoryNesmith.com
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