18 minutes | Oct 13th 2019

E105 - Behind, Behind The Scenes Sunday

"Behind, Behind The Scenes Sunday" - Let's hang out for a little bit. I'm testing a new camera, recording audio intros/outros for the launch of the Bridges To Wealth podcast, reflecting on being back in college, and thinking about how best to finish 2019. Side note, I'm still in shock that I finally learned how to work this audio and video equipment. The journey continues! The original video of this episode is on Youtube: https://youtu.be/zV4vEVKig18. ABOUT: UNderdogstuff Podcast: We explore the culture of entrepreneurship, financial freedom, and finding our way back home. It's personal, it's with our people, and it's UNscripted. Let's go on the journey together! Hosted by Gregory Nesmith, founder of UNderdogstuff, soon to be Wharton School alum, Bridges To Wealth Entrepreneurship Mentor & Teacher, and Philly native: www.GregoryNesmith.com.
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