61 minutes | Oct 3rd 2020

#9: Tiago de Zoeten (Mossy Earth) - Using Reforestation and Rewilding to fight Climate Change

Today we are taking a step outside cities to explore reforestation and rewilding in a conversation with biologist Tiago de Zoeten.

Tiago is a conservation biologist at Mossy Earth, a social enterprise on a mission to restore nature and fight climate change. He studied biology at the University of Edinburgh and Biostatistics at UCM in Madrid and has research experience in ecology and conservation genetics.

At Mossy Earth he is working on bringing exciting rewilding projects to life and on applying his love for data to develop resources to help people live more sustainably.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of planting native species and letting forests grow wild.
  • What rewilding is all about and how it plays a role in fighting climate change.
  • Why we need to create and restore ecosystems.
  • The role of wild places and animals in our cultures and history.
  • Mossy Earth's projects, including using livestock guarding dogs to protect farms from wolves.
  • And finally, how you can approach reducing your own carbon footprint.

Mossy Earth restores wilderness through rewilding and reforestation projects across a variety of ecosystems around the globe. They are currently engaged in tree planting and rewilding projects in Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia. To give you a sense of the scale of their operations, earlier this year, they planted 3000 trees in the Scottish highlands, they are on track to plant 25,000 trees this year in Slovakia and a further 30,000 trees in Romania.

Learn more at https://www.mossy.earth/

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