64 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

035: Sustainable Cannabis Growth with Julia Jacobson

When Julia Jacobson developed chronic migraines in her 20’s, with the advice of an E.R. doctor, she started treating her migraines with cannabis, and it completely changed her life. Having been freed from the cocktails of medications that never worked, she’s turned her focus to the cannabis industry. Julia is the CEO and co-founder of Aster Farms, a sustainable cannabis company dedicated to organic growing and transparent practices. With her expertise in marketing, entrepreneurship and supply chain management, she has helped build a company that is creating craft cannabis the way it should be, outdoors. The truth of the matter is, very few cannabis companies actually grow their own product. In fact, many brands simply sell white labeled product from mass producers, and never tell their customers. With the help of three generations of cannabis knowledge, her company is driven to create a clean product that helps others live a healthy and active lifestyle with responsible farming methods. Today, Julia joins the podcast to share the story of how her own health challenges led her to the cannabis space, how Aster Farms is differentiating itself from many other brands emerging in this industry, and what makes cannabis supply chains so uniquely complicated. KEY TAKEAWAYS How Julia’s family grew cannabis over the course of three generations and survived the many challenges along the way. How cannabis cultivation has changed over the last half-century. Why it takes so long to expand a cannabis brand across multiple states. The changing role of retail cannabis salespeople. Why Julia thinks interstate commerce laws will happen before full federal legalization. Show Notes For complete show notes, including transcripts, takeaways, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit SoHoExp.com/35 To learn more about the podcast and get access to all episodes, visit: SoHoExp.com/GreenRepeal
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