53 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

028: Advocating for Responsible Cannabis Use Among Athletes with Jim McAlpine

There are many talented people working to demonstrate the link between positive health outcomes and cannabis use, but what about in sports and athletics?  To help us answer that question, we’re speaking to Jim McAlpine. Jim is a snowboard company executive and an early advocate for cannabis use among athletes. He created the 420 Games – a multi-sport event company for cannabis users to destigmatize stoner stereotypes and network of professional athletes and advocates working to demonstrate the connection between weed and wellness. Today, Jim joins the podcast to talk about why skiing and snowboarding go with cannabis like peanut butter and jelly, the power of great live experiences, and his mission to prove that elite athletics and cannabis can go hand-in-hand. KEY TAKEAWAYS What Jim didn’t like about conventional ski and snowboard events as a young entrepreneur - and the unconventional strategy he used to poach huge numbers of prospective customers. How the 420 Games forged authentic connections with customers in the yoga, ski, and snowboarding spaces. How the perception of elite athletes’ cannabis use has changed since the infamous photo of Michael Phelps smoking a bong, how athletes are now advocating for cannabis use as part of their training, and why cannabis is not a PED. The do’s and don’ts of incorporating cannabis into events of all kinds. Why Jim believes the differences between indica and sativa are a myth and everyone’s reactions are different. How the perception of cannabis in the media has become more realistic over the last decade. Show Notes For complete show notes, including transcripts, takeaways, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit SoHoExp.com/28 To learn more about the podcast and get access to all episodes, visit: SoHoExp.com/GreenRepeal
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