60 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

024: Creating a Premium Psychedelic Cannabis Brand with Libby Cooper

In one sense, the cannabis industry is like any other: when you identify a gap in the market, there’s an opportunity to achieve success by filling it. Space Coyote’s high quality pre-rolls, available all over California, do just that. Today’s guest, co-founder Libby Cooper, has helped to create a truly unique brand that marries the highest-quality flower with well-established branded extracts. In just a few years, she has built an impressive company and created a curated, top-shelf cannabis experience for her many fans. In this episode, Libby shares the story of how she built a premium company and a high-end category on her terms in just a few short years, the changing perception of adult-use cannabis usage, and how Space Coyote’s marketing has adapted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. KEY TAKEAWAYS How Libby “came out” as a cannabis user to her friends and family. Why Libby and her co-founder Scott alternate their titles of President and CEO annually - and how they delegate who handles what while maintaining a balance of power. The importance of destigmatizing the word “stoner” - and why Libby’s brand is all about celebrating the psychedelic cannabis experience. How Space Coyote’s branding changes every time the company enters a new state. The many different flavors and experiences that can be created in cannabis pre-rolls - and why Space Coyote’s prerolls are the equivalent of farmer’s market fresh tomatoes. Why Libby is optimistic we’ll see federal legalization within the next four years. Show Notes For complete show notes, including transcripts, takeaways, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit SoHoExp.com/24 To learn more about the podcast and get access to all episodes, visit: SoHoExp.com/GreenRepeal
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