47 minutes | Sep 16, 2020

Guest Speaker: Sky Yarbrough

Journey on the green path to as we learn to reconnect to the planet and tap into the inherent common trait of our humanity. Hearing voices from marginalized communities who have been left behind in the systems. Listening to individuals as they share their stories and the impacts they are making in their own way. Join me in discovering the intersectionality of life by focusing on reconnecting as human beings and finding ways to heal ourselves and our planet.Guest Speaker: Sky YarbroughIn this episode we will be speaking to local artist Sky Yarbrough and how she uses her art to address social injustices, sustainability and living with a disability as a woman of color in Colorado.Her work centers around activism and her art seeks to paint pictures on top of the dominant culture. She has thirty years of photography experience and this opportunity to capture various themes form the basis of her art. Her frontline work focuses on the contrast between cultures and class. As a woman of color (black and Native American experience) from a mixed ancestry and lineage living with disabilities, Sky is using her art to express the many intersectionalities she has observed throughout her life and how it is still relevant today.Theater 29 Exhibit:https://www.theater29denver.com/news/2020/7/16/sky-yarbroughFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/sky.yarbrough1 Poetry Corner: A Diamond in the Rough The Green Path Podcast IG: https://www.instagram.com/greenpathpodcast/ Twitter: @thegreenpathpod YouTube: https://youtu.be/oMsxhmbaN1Q
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