59 minutes | Aug 8, 2019

The 53rd Week

Today Lon is joined by the men with whom he created Webster Hall Records NYC, Tim Bauman and Sean Mcgarr. The guys went from being completely green in the record industry to innovators. They had great marketing ideas like putting free passes to the club in the CDs; courting all the record store employees, not just the executives; and keeping the prices low, even when CDs topped out at $23. Their efforts earned them a Golden Apple in 2005. Plus, some fun stories from all the days in between.Tim's services are available at baumanlawgroup.com (1400 square feet of adventure!)Get at Sean ssmcgarr@gmail.comVisit any of Lon's new ventures http://www.stewarthouse.com/, http://thecitybeerhall.com/, https://www.themudclub.com/, http://www.speakeasy518.com/, https://fultonhall.com/, http://www.thesenecanyc.com/https://www.woodstockpodcastnetwork.com/ is in association with http://www.radiowoodstock.com/
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