51 minutes | May 31, 2019

D.L.O., Sean Sharp, Smokey, DJs

In this episode, Lon has the team that made Webster Hall hip hop's premiere venue, DJs D.L.O., Sean Sharp, and Smokey. The guys recount how they came to work at Webster Hall, the different sounds in each room, how changing technology affected them and hip hop, why Lon chose to embrace hip hop- which was more counterculture at the time, and how clubs were more integral in society before social media took over.Book D.L.O. @DjDLO_NYC, 917-468-1521, djdlo83@yahoo.com, https://www.instagram.com/djdlodtn/, https://www.facebook.com/dexter.d.johnson.1 Visit any of Lon's new ventures http://www.stewarthouse.com/, http://thecitybeerhall.com/, https://www.themudclub.com/, http://www.speakeasy518.com/, https://fultonhall.com/, http://www.thesenecanyc.com/https://www.woodstockpodcastnetwork.com/ is in association with http://www.radiowoodstock.com/
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