39 minutes | Jul 27, 2020

Our Identity in Jesus Informs Our Story (#95)

Welcome to episode 95 of the Grace Cafe Podcast. After a four month hiatus, we're back! We thought we would pick back up by talking about how the way we view our journey out of performance-based faith continues to change, as our understanding of who we are in Jesus becomes more clear. Knowing who you are in Jesus can't be overstated! It's our security during times of change when life around us seems out of control. Our identity in Jesus never changes because he never changes. We don't rehearse the details of our story again in this episode. Those details are woven throughout this podcast in different episodes and in blog posts on the Grace Cafe Journal. We reference several of those resources in this episode and the links are below for your convenience. Previous Podcast Episodes Related to our Story: 03 - Paul, Timothy, and Women in the Church 05 - Out of My Chains and Into Your Mercy 35 - The Increased Frequency of Spiritual Abuse 37 - Our Journey Out Of Institutional Religion 46 - Humility, Jesus, & Top-Down Authority in the Church 47 - A Conversation About Spiritual Abuse 48 - The Intentional Brutality of Spiritual Abuse 49 - Recovering From Spiritual Abuse 52 - Rethinking Formal Church Membership 68 - Does God Require Progress? 70 - Depression and Suicide Previous Blog Posts Related to our Story: Rethinking Religion (6-part series) Out of My Chains and Into Your Mercy Church, Ativan, and Gospel Misfits My Valentine's Day Performance Massacre When Grace Shows Up Bruised Jars of Clay -Enjoy!
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