36 minutes | Jun 22, 2020

Why Buy and Hold Investing?

Wealth By Buy and Hold Is Slow:4:20: This is a get rich slow thing, but not too slow.4:50: You can flip or wholesale to get to buy and hold.6:17: Look at your portfolio's needs when determining what to do with a property. Can you take on a project or do you need the liquid cash?Considerations for a Buy/Hold Strategy:10:24: Andrew’s goal is to keep everything as long as it’s not too expensive to cashflow.12:30: You have to have diversity in your portfolio, A to C minus class. That’s one of Ryan’s mistakes when he started out.14:48: Niche, group home story in the expensive Portland market.17:10: AirBnb can work, but be careful.20:22: Anything that helps you build up your cash flow is what it’s all about.22:17: If you are in a more expensive area, don’t give up. Think outside the box and ask yourself if you’re really committed to this buy and hold model.Survive Till You Thrive in Buy and Hold:26:13: Analyze your deals up front to determine if you’re doing a cash out refinance or if you’re into the property for 75% ARV on a mortgage. Does it still cashflow? You’ve got to make sure it’s paying for itself.28:50: Ryan looks at his buy and hold portfolio as a really cool 401k. But on the transactional side from wholesaling, wholetailing and flipping is the “now money”.30:45: Where you make your, your good, large chunks of money is in the appreciation. In the debt pay down in the depreciation, the tax benefits, and then occasionally you get a really nice cash out refi check.31:38: Real estate's always generally tight when you're using the BRRRR strategy. People expect just tons and tons of cash flow when you have debt on the property, especially early on, are just kidding themselves. Treat it with patience.34:52: What thriving in Buy and Hold looks like.Connect with the Good Stewards:Visit Our Website and SubscribeEmail | Ask@TheGoodStewards.comTwitter | @TheGoodStewardsInstagram | @GoodStewardsPodcastFacebook | @GoodStewardsPodcast
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