33 minutes | May 29, 2020

The Renaissance Lady Farmer, Entrepreneur & Herbalist Out To Save Our Bees

Kim Otto, built the organic skincare brand, Moon Valley Organics with her husband from scratch. First, they taught themselves organic farming, then they worked long, hard back breaking hours to make farming work, including using food stamps to buy seeds to plant crops. After creating a successful farm in Washington state, she and her husband didn't stop there. Struggling with all kinds of skin allergies, Kim is like a renaissance woman who goes from farmer to savvy business lady to herbalist, creating soothing salves that are simply made with recognizable flowers and oils. And...(yes, there's more) after falling in love with bees and understanding the role pollinators play in our food production, the company gives back to protect bees and their habitats. Listen to her authentic journey towards a sustainable lifestyle, including how you can farm with her.
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