61 minutes | Sep 3, 2020

Sophie Otiende: Freedom Business

Today we have feminist, teacher and human trafficking survivor advocate Sophie Otiende talking 'freedom business'. The anti-trafficking sector is big business - with countless organisations trying to tackle the issue from wildly different perspectives. The 'raid and rescue' model, practiced by well known organisations and endorsed by celebrities has become well known amongst the general public.

As Sophie says, rescuing trafficked children is one small piece of the puzzle. Trafficking is complex, layered and requires a holistic approach that not only works on prevention and provides quality aftercare for survivors, but challenges the systems and structures that allow trafficking to proliferate.

Sophie Otiende describes herself as a feminist, poet, teacher, and survivor advocate for human trafficking. Sophie is a Program Consultant at HAART Kenya, where her main role involves coordination of services offered to victims of trafficking. She also developed curriculum and has co-authored three manuals on different issues in human trafficking. She is passionate about developing systems for grassroots organisations and has been working in development for more than ten years.

She is passionate about human trafficking because she is a survivor of child trafficking.

Sophie is reading 'Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays' by Zadie Smith The Penguin Press (2009)

Sophie is listening to 'Otherwise?' Podcast.

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