33 minutes | Feb 4, 2021

Carly Findlay: Growing Up Disabled In Australia

Accessibility is often taken for granted by people who are not disabled. Everyday situations like shopping, catching transport, accessing public bathrooms, using the internet can be extremely challenging for those who have a disability. Disability is so individual, and so misunderstood, and our world does not do well at accepting, accommodating and including individuals who are disabled. We need to do better. My guest today is the amazing Carly Findlay, an award winning writer, speaker and appearance activist. Carly is the editor of Growing Up Disabled in Australia, an anthology of stories written by disabled Australians and published this week by Black Inc Books. Carly is also the author of Say Hello, published in 2019. She writes regularly for CNN, ABC, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and SBS and appears regularly on television and radio. Carly identifies as a proud disabled woman. Carly is reading People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd Carly is listening to the Conversations series by ABC Vist Carly's blog. Follow Carly on Facebook and Twitter.  
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