53 minutes | Oct 4, 2019

Ch. 41: Alexis Jacks, Costume Supervisor | Matt Freund, Editor | Dana Sayles, Writers’ Assistant

The Good Place: The Podcast’s host Marc Evan Jackson sits down with costume supervisor Alexis Jacks, editor Matt Freund and writers’ assistant Dana Sayles to shoot the shirt about Season 4, Episode 2, “A Girl from Arizona, Part 2.” Alexis talks about Eleanor’s signature look with her suit and “greeked” Adidas sneakers as the neighborhood’s reluctant new architect. Matt describes the process for editing a visual effects-heavy episode and some clever Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the episode, including the similarities between Brent and Eleanor’s chaos sequences. Dana talks about the writers’ process for creating “Brent” and the delicate balance between making him hilariously terrible and not tipping off the other humans to the experiment. Be sure to subscribe for more behind-the-scenes stories, performance notes and hilarious anecdotes. 

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