57 minutes | May 4, 2021

Episode 55 Navigating Infertility w/ Erin Pratt

Hard conversations usually don't come easy. On this episode, I'm so thankful that Erin opens up and shares such a heart-wrenching journey that she and her husband, Hunter, endured to get their two boys. She does it with grace and authenticity, and I'm grateful to her for allowing us to see the behind the scenes of it all. She shares with us the emotions, the physical experience, and the mental struggle that is involved with fertility treatments. She helps us understand how you can support another mama going through this journey - after all, 1 in 8 women struggle with infertility. And if you are the 1 of 8, know that I'm praying for you and thinking of you this Mother's Day ❤️I pray this episode speaks to your heart and makes you feel seen. You are so loved!
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