29 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

Episode 036 Your Motherhood Mindset

Would've paid to have known this sooner, but glad I know it now! This is THE episode that will shift your thinking in motherhood from stress and feelings of "never good enough" to simplicity and peace. I can say that because I've lived it! I'm giving you permission to do the same. In this episode, I share how it all changed for me and how I can view my motherhood through a new lens that helps me focus on what matters most. What lies have you been believing about yourself as a mother? It's time to expose them for what they are- lies! Join me in the call to action and and answer these questions: Where am I now in my motherhood? Where do I want to be? Get a clear vision for what is really important to you and start letting your actions follow that priority. Sometimes we make things far more difficult than they have to. And remember mama, YOU are the most important thing your children need from you that ONLY YOU can give. Choose to show up for them and love on them with the genuine, authentic love of the Father.
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