73 minutes | May 25th 2020

Episode 11: Treating Inflammation Using Plant-Based Nutrition and Mindset with Dr. Daina Patel, Chiropractic Doctor

Dr. Daina Patel is a Chiropractic Doctor with a focus on women’s back pain and plant based nutrition. Daina shares her journey to a plant’s based diet as well as her own personal struggle with inflammation and chronic pain.

We talk about the difference between being plant based and vegan, how nutrition is not about adhering to specific “diets” per se but an ongoing process developing a deep relationship with our individual bodies and food.

Daina and I discuss how diet plays a role in inflammation that lies at the root of chronic pain and other health conditions like depression and anxiety.

We also talk about mindset for dealing with pain and suffering, and how breathing is the cornerstone of not only chronic pain and inflammation but perhaps our entire health.

This is such an interesting conversation, that highlights the fact that no matter what health condition we start with, the journey towards optimal wellbeing involve a variety of factors. However, optimal health is not really a destination, but a process that involves lots of patience, persistence and self-compassion.

I hope you enjoy it!

Dr. Daina’s website: https://www.drdainapatel.com/

Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.dainapatel/

Top 6 Back Pain Exercises for busy and ambitious women: https://download.dainapatel.com/guide

5 Day Better Posture Challenge: https://go.drdainapatel.com/challenge-optin

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