30 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

When Your Heart Breaks After A Break-Up

Welcome to another episode of The Good Mood Clinic Podcast! Go straight to THE RED FLAG PROJECT course for womenVisit our website THE GOOD MOOD CLINICInstagram https://www.instagram.com/theredflagproject._/Facebook https://www.facebook.com/The-Red-Flag-Project-103442091937249Check out what's new on our LEARNING HUB Ask us a question or suggest a topic by emailing:  justineandgemma@goodmood.com.auSome people struggle a lot with the intensity of their feelings when they are in the throes of a break-up of a romantic relationship, particularly when they have an abandonment schema as well. The pain of the break-up and the schema becoming activated simultaneously presents a unique situation that leaves those individuals fraught with painful feelings.In this episode, Gemma and Justine discuss why that kind of break-up feels so painful. They talk about what a normal break-up might feel like and explain how an abandonment schema adds extra suffering and a particularly unpleasant element to the break-up of a relationship. If you have an abandonment schema, be sure to listen in today to find out why you might be having such intense feelings and emotions after a break-up with someone you only met recently. You will also learn how an abandonment schema could lead to depression and how to make sense of that kind of situation in the future.Show highlights:                                                                                           Why that kind of break-up feels so painful.Why the feelings are so intense when your abandonment schema gets triggered.What it feels like when the abandoned child mode comes up.Ways to get intense feelings to subside and to make sense of them.What it takes to understand an abandonment schema.How abandonment schemas can cause depression.What to do if you get triggered.Getting to know where your feelings are coming from.Addressing your abandonment issues and growing through that process.Other links and resources mentioned:
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