24 minutes | Nov 5, 2020

#053 - A Few Ideas on How To Cope with Lockdown 2

In this episode I talk on day 1 of England lockdown 2 about: why I am limiting my screen time what mini moments of daily trauma can do to us acknowledging that lockdown 2 is different creating different seasonal routines whether we should bring out the Christmas decorations early the need to adjust in the longer term to a different way of living what it's like dealing with able-bodied reactions to lockdown my hope for more empathy why we need to be more creative in adapting to the new way of society functioning reaching out if you feel lonely what I did when I had a low day and an invitation to connect with me. Get updates on: https://www.elizabethdhokia.com/subscribe/   Links mentioned: The Importance of Processing (ep.  37) Setting Boundaries (ep. 25) Holland Otik on being chronically ill in lockdown (ep. 50) My mailing list Core values worksheet   #GoodLifeUnravelled
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