60 minutes | Oct 29, 2020

#052 - Value-Driven Business That Feels Good with Kayte Ferris

In today's podcast episode we chat with Kayte Ferris from Simple and Season, a business coach and blogger who left the corporate marketing world and moved to Snowdonia in 2017. Since then she has helped over 100 creatives launch and build their businesses online, winning awards and launching a top-rated podcast along the way. Kayte’s approach is all about creating a business that feels like you, ignoring the rules and should do’s and trusting your soul. In this episode we talk about Kayte’s approach to intentional business and slow marketing and what that looks like. We both share the belief in working from a place of intentional values and Kayte tells us how she’s been able to craft a business that works well for her by staying rooted in those values. We also touch on whether business values and personal values need to be separate. I ask Kayte about being vulnerable in her work, and how to manage connecting with your audience in a way that is truthful. We talk about what success means and how business can function in a sustainable way. Other things we touch on include visualisations to make and direction your decisions, using tarot cards to journal and process you mind. Plus we talk about how self-care can be a prickly term. I very much enjoyed this chat with Kayte today. I think we come from a similar place in our approach to business and career. It’s great to see somebody who has honed their core values and put them into action, somebody who has created a business that works best for them. Show notes: https://www.elizabethdhokia.com/kayte-ferris/ #GoodLifeUnravelled 
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