71 minutes | Oct 22, 2020

#050 - The Power of Centering People and Their Knowledge of Themselves with Holland Otik (pt.2)

This is part 2 of the interview with Holland Otik. Listen to part 1 on episode 48 first. Holland Otik is a maker, chef, teacher, researcher, and animistic object enthusiast who incorporates magic and ritual into everything they do. In this episode we cover a range of topics in quite some depth. It's a super interesting discussion with some pretty profound and insightful ideas.  We cover:  How most of the spiritual and wellness industry in the west uses eastern philosophy, beliefs, and culture and repackage to make it accessible to white westerners. History of folk religion in the UK was linked to the natural world and a lot of that has been lost with disconnection through urban life. The importance of autonomy in our current way of life. Links with personal spirituality between autonomy. How capitalist society needs us to be disconnected to keep the system going. Personal art is essential and not a luxury.  Everyone is has a creative practice if you reframe what they do. Everyone is a curator and noticing that is liberating. The imperfections in relationships make them more meaningful. The good life comes from being yourself and giving space for others to be themselves. Living with chronic illness taught her to accept that it's not possible to always be happy or without pain, but finding a peace and accepting moves you forward. The pandemic has opened her eyes to how able-bodied people see illness. This is triggering for the chronically ill and disabled whose lives are always like that. How the wellness industry can make the chronically ill feel disempowered. The tragedy narrative attached to disabled people and the chronically ill.  How seeing disabled people thriving might change perception of illness. Even the perception of a wellness treatment can change depending on who it is serving. Wellness industry not accessible to the people who need it the most. What to say to somebody who is chronically ill. Holland's MA art work on tragedy narrative, child abuse, and self-harm. The problem with centring trauma response on authority figures and not the victim. The need the allow people to self-soothe in the way they know best. The power in truly seeing one another and appreciating their autonomy. Show notes: https://www.elizabethdhokia.com/hollandotik2 #GoodLifeUnravelled
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