12 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

#049 - Create a transitional activity to cope with working from home

We live in a global pandemic world now. Six months ago when we first went into strict lockdown I think we all imagined and hoped that by autumn winter things would be back to semi-normal. But as this awful illness of Covid-19 continues to put so many at risk, our lives are still in a semi-lowdown state. We live in a pandemic world for the foreseeable future, and that is something that is both difficult to reconcile with, but it is important that we kindly find ways for ourselves to not just function but also begin to thrive in this new way of living.   We need to way to create space between work and home life. We need to give our brain time to switch where it’s functioning from. We need our nervous system to switch gears.   https://www.elizabethdhokia.com/category/podcast/
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