19 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

#041 - 15 Tips on How To Simplify Your Life

In today's podcast episode I share my journey to simplify my life over the past five years of living in my home. It started with simplifying our home, but a mindset happened and I was able to apply this mentality to all areas of my life.  I share 15 tips on how to simplify your life.  LEARNING POINTS Know your values (subscribe to download your own values worksheet) Create boundaries (listen to the boundaries podcast here) Declutter your home Spend time cleaning  Consider slow living practices Create rituals Meal plan Control your finances Delete social media (listen to the how I quite social media podcast here) Create a filing system Pack light Use online tools Be mindful of relationships (listen to reason, season, lifetime podcast here) Allow for space What is enough for you? Show notes: https://www.elizabethdhokia.com/how-to-simplify-your-life/  #GoodLifeUnravelled
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