74 minutes | Aug 6, 2020

#036 - Men's Health, Fitness, Mental Health, and Sexual Wellness

I chat with my husband Raj and his best friend Sonehal about their new Instagram project - To The Baseline - a space to chart their fitness and health journey from day one.  We discuss their different goals and perspectives on fitness and general wellbeing.  We also talk about what it's like being overweight, and how it's not always a sign of fitness. We talk about the link between mental health and body image. We talk about what a good life means to both of them and their self-care routines and priorities. And start to chat about the importance of sexual wellness.  This is a slightly different format for the show as we recorded it in the same room with two mics but hopefully it still works and you get lots of value from the conversation. Show notes: https://www.elizabethdhokia.com/raj-and-sonehal/ #GoodLifeUnravelled 
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