34 minutes | Aug 3, 2020

Madrid's vegan food scene is on fire and Diana Esteban fans the flames

How long has it been since you got on an airplane? For me, it's been five months. And I miss traveling.So, with that in mind, on today's episode of The Good Fork podcast, we're going to my old home of Madrid. I've got Diana Esteban, founder of Madrid Vegan Tours joining me today. When I was in Madrid at the beginning of the year, we met and I went on her vegan food tour and it was incredible. When I moved from Madrid back to Vegas in late 2015, vegan dining was just beginning to take off. Now, the vegan food scene in Madrid is wild!We actually had two tours planned for 2020 together, which are on hold until 2021. If you'd like more info on the vegan tours I curate and host, head to veganworldtours.comIn the meantime, get ready to journey across the Atlantic and learn more about vegan dining in Spain and running vegan food tours with Diana and me.Diana is a Madrileño, born and raised in the Spanish capitol. A vegan for nearly a decade, she studied tourism and worked as a guide when she was younger. Influenced by her family and friends to "achieve and more stable job", she left the tourism industry to work for an engineering company.She realized it was a mistake and when she turned 40, she knew it was her last change to get back into what she really loved.Madrid Vegan Tours was born. Already a vegan and a traveler, she saw firsthand how difficult it could be to find vegan food while traveling. So, she decided to change that. Diana operates numerous tours through Madrid, all with a focus on vegan food and experiencing the vibrant city. From walking food tours to cooking classes, ethical shopping tours and even a veganized tour of the stunning Prado Museum, she makes it easy to travel as a vegan in Madrid.Follow Madrid Vegan Tours on FacebookFollow Madrid Vegan Tours on InstagramCheck out more episodes of The Good Fork: www.vegansbaby.com/the-good-forkFollow Vegans, Baby on Facebook – www.facebook.com/vegansbabyFollow Vegans, Baby on Instagram – www.instagram.com/vegansbabyFollow Vegans, Baby on Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/vegansbabyFollow Vegans, Baby on Twitter – www.twitter.com/vegansbabyFollow host Diana Edelman on Instagram – www.instagram.com/diana_edelmanTo discover vegan dining around the world, head to Vegans, Baby – www.vegansbaby.comDownload or order The Las Vegas Vegan Dining Guide today and start eating at the best restaurants in town for vegan food! bit.ly/2020lvveganguideSupport the show (http://paypal.me/dianaedelman)
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