59 minutes | Apr 1st 2021

Raising Strong Girls—A Dad’s Guide with Dr. Tim Jordan

It takes a special skillset to be a good dad to a daughter. We don’t have many shows about raising girls. If you have daughters between ages of five and twenty-five, this show is for you. Today we are grateful to have Dr. Tim Jordan on the show to give us simple, sound advice on raising strong girls. He is the expert on parenting girls, a counselor, and the author of SHE LEADS: A Practical Guide for Raising Girls Who Advocate, Influence, and Lead. Dr. Tim Jordan is going to tell us how we as fathers can best help our daughters become empowered and confident. He also highlights the unique challenges girls face that dads might not be aware of. He also explains how to teach girls to navigate pressure, speak up for themselves, and discover their true gifts. For the show notes and exclusive links mentioned in this episode go to gooddadproject.com/thursday257. ———— Join the Free Dad Edge Facebook Group at gooddadproject.com/group. Apply for The Dad Edge Alliance at gooddadproject.com/alliance. Watch this interview on YouTube gooddadproject.com/youtube. Follow us on Instagram at @thedadedge! FREE RESOURCE – 21 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage
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