44 minutes | Oct 5, 2020

The Golf Biz #2 - Why Golf Courses Fail.. The Dreaded Slippery Slope!!

The unfortunate truth is that many golf courses will not make it. The number one reason is what we call the Dreaded Slippery Slope.. The Dreaded Slippery Slope is when fixed costs go up, the market shifts, demand and revenues decrease. To combat, management cuts marketing, staffing and maintenance budgets. Next, the experience and product deteriorate leading to less people playing and revenues decrease (repeat cycle) This is THE DEADLY SLIPPERY SLOPE.. In this episode, Joe Dahlstrom, Mikey D, Drew and Guest Jason Davis will discuss the Paradigm Way to get off the Slope, SHIFT THE VIBE & INCREASE THE BOTTOM LINE… You will be intrigued and enjoy the creative, zany and even crazy strategies that we have used to turn around dozens of golf courses in the most competitive golf markets in the country. Not to mention, we will have our weekly contest and giveaways… Stay Tuned
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