43 minutes | Nov 9, 2020

Episode 3 - Lessons from 250K Miles A Year With Paul Singh

Lessons from 250K Miles A Year With Paul Singh 👋 Hey! Thanks for checking out the GoingVC Podcast: Uncovering new paths into VC, diving deeper into alternative models, and addressing areas of weakness every second Monday with Austin and JJ MacLean (@jjmaclean) from the GoingVC team.  We're really excited to be bringing to you today our conversation with Paul Singh (@paulsingh).  If you've got any questions, feedback, guest ideas, or just want to say hey, don't hesitate to shoot us a message at podcast@goingvc.com Episode Chapters Introduction Paul’s Origin Story – 01:54 Being Everywhere Else | Trekking Across North America – 10:35 Angels, Syndicates and Microfunds – 15:50 Learning to Make ‘The Bet’ – 22:20 Paul’s Advice for Angels – 24:55 Results Junkies – 33:30 Geography, Geography, Geography – 36:29 Wrap-up & Closing Thoughts – 41:03
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