19 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

174 Counterintuitive Charisma

Charisma, Relationships, Success, Business, Questions   Summary   The key to “having charisma” might just be exactly the opposite of what we think it is. We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. Then in the second segment, I’ll share a suggestion on how to accomplish it. That and more on today’s show.   Bob’s Thought of the Day   We’ll explore:   Two traditional definitions of “charisma,” along with another...that I like best. Why it’s not sustainable to base your success on natural charisma alone. An example from 19th-century England about the power of the right type of charisma. Why listening is a critical element of charisma. A powerful quote from Adam Grant’s new book, Think Again.  The big lesson: Your level of charisma is not about you but about how you make others feel about themselves.   Segment #2   You’ll discover:   The value of Feel-Good Questions in making others feel genuinely good about themselves and, as a result, about you. The One Key Question that’ll set you apart from practically everyone they’ve ever met. F-O-R-M Questions that will always be welcomed by those you’re speaking with.  Click to Tweet   What is TRULY the essence of Charisma? There’s a good chance it’s the opposite of what most people think it is. Find out on this episode of The Go-Giver Podcast. #charisma Is “Charisma” something that you either have or you don’t? The answer, as we learn in this episode of The Go-Give Podcast, is not at all. Actually, far from it. #charisma Want to learn some surprising questions that will result in your being seen as Charismatic? Listen to this week’s episode of The Go-Giver Podcast. #charisma   Resources   The Go-Giver Success Alliance Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know by Adam Grant Bob’s Ten Feel-Good Questions Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way  Order The Go-Giver  Order The Go-Giver Leader Order The Go-Giver Influencer   GoGiverSalesAcademy.com Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way 2-Day Workshop TheGoGiver.com GoGiverSpeaker.com Burg.com  How to Post a Review
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