78 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

411: How Emotional Intelligence Impacts My Personal and Professional Relationships

We’ve all heard of an IQ test -- the evaluation of our intelligence quotient. But what about EQ? We can learn a lot from evaluating our emotional intelligence. My whole team recently started working with the incredible Tieko Nejon, an expert in the emotional intelligence space. 

Part of her work with our team was administering an Emotional Intelligence assessment with a series of questions that return a score, or EQ. The full report is a bulky document with a breakdown of all the different ways to understand your own personal emotional intelligence, and ways to strengthen those skills. In this episode with Tieko, she’s actually going to dig into MY EQ report and really put me in a vulnerable place. My goal for you is to hear how to analyze your own emotional intelligence, through putting myself in the scary spotlight.

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