47 minutes | Nov 16, 2020

409: The Beginner Influencer Guide to Pitching, Pricing and More

The opportunity to monetize your platforms and work with your dream brands can be a game-changing career shift. When Mattie James reached out to share what she’s been working on as an influencer educator, I jumped at the chance to host this conversation. 

Mattie James started her lifestyle blog as a passion project in 2010 and she’s since grown it into a multiple six-figure business, partnering with brands to create sponsored content that still feels on-brand and authentic. With all of that success, Mattie now teaches other people how to create profitable influencer businesses and pitch brands with confidence.

Mattie is tuned into all the trends and nuances of the influencer industry, and she’s on Goal Digger to serve up a master class in building a solid influencer business, from pitching to pricing and more.

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