30 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

403: 10 Ways to Seek Out the Silver Lining of 2020

This episode is not meant to give you all the answers. It’s not meant to sort life out after the tornado that swept through in the form of 2020. It is, however, going to give you some ideas to take the next two months and some changes to find balance and peace again and to focus on what you CAN control, if you feel you’ve lost control of this year.

So whether you’re ready for a reset but don’t want to wait for New Years Day, or you just want to focus on one small habit that might lift you up out of the shadows as we wrap up the year… I hope these 10 ideas for ways to end 2020 seeing the silver linings, like my mom taught me to. I hope they fill you up and remind you that, no matter what’s happening around you, you still carry the power to choose how you respond and how you carry yourself forward and out of the depths of hard times. I fully believe in you and know you can end this year better than it started… Here are some ideas on how.

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