36 minutes | Oct 12th 2020

400: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t 400 Episodes and 4 Years Later

Episode 400. FOUR HUNDRED. How is that number possible? The Goal Digger Podcast launched as a labor of love mixed with lots of hard work, topped off with the magic and kindness of each and every guest who volunteered their time to be part of my big podcasting dream. 

I’m going back to episode one because I think it’ll be not only fun to look back on how this whole show started, but I’m also excited to share how my view of some of the biggest topics I teach on have shifted since I launched as a 28-year old entrepreneur, a few years into her online business, with bright eyes on the future. My views and teachings on topics like legacy, social media, privacy, authenticity and more have evolved in the last four years, and I want to share that all with you in this episode. So, ready to hop in a time machine to November 18, 2016?

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