34 minutes | Apr 10th 2019

247: How to Pivot When You're No Longer Passionate

A $300 Craigslist camera launched my photography career and turned into all of this. Stop me if you’ve heard this one… I’ve told it a million times because it’s a reminder of how I got this whole thing going.

When I speak to entrepreneurs, many aren’t sure they want to be doing what they are currently doing ten years from now. Wedding photography wasn’t something I could see myself doing 10, 20 years down the road. But I made a powerful pivot and what came next was my dream business.

In this episode I get into the HOW of my pivot and hopefully inspire you to start thinking about what’s next for you. You don’t have to back yourself into a corner, I want you to already be thinking forward about the next step so that when your passion fades, you’ve got a powerful pivot ready to propel you forward without sacrificing profits.

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