38 minutes | Jan 9, 2019

221: What you REALLY Need to Know About Email Lists

How big is YOUR list? Email marketing is my JAM. If you’re a fan of the show, you know I’m OBSESSED with email marketing… I mean, I’ve been talking about it for over two years and it never gets old. I’ll bet that “starting/growing an email list” has been on your goal board for awhile now.

Listen, I get it. Starting an email list seems overwhelming, like the learning curve is just too high to even get started and if you do get it up and running, what the heck do you have to talk about? I was in your shoes once and dragged my feet for a long time thinking my business was doing just fine as is.

The truth is, my email list is the #1 way I drive profits in my business (did I tell you I did $153k in sales by sending out just 3 emails? Yeah, that happened!) I’m spilling what you really need to know about email lists!

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