22 minutes | Mar 12th 2020

Why Having An "On-The-Ground Presence" Matters | Ep. 028

I was interviewed on another great podcast called ECommerce Excellence. The host, Joris Byron, asked me some really great questions and drew out some great insights, issues to avoid, how to overcome obstacles and general wisdom in Sourcing Products from China.

As usual, we also drilled down on some specifics, such as:

  • The two critical barriers with Chinese manufacturers or suppliers
  • Unspoken rules to follow
  • Keys to success
  • The pros and cons of moving your manufacturing to China
  • How clear and concise communication can save you a lot of heartache

I hope you enjoy the episode.  Would love to hear from you if these episodes are helpful

If you’re short on time, you can read the whole transcript here.

We were honored to be featured in CNBC Made It alongside titans like Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran and Serial Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. 

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