12 minutes | May 19th 2019

How To Enforce Contracts With Chinese Manufacturers | Ep. 017

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In this episode of the GlobalTQM.com podcast, I had the pleasure of interview my business partner and mentor for over 20 years, Yaron Remen.

He’s a serial entrepreneur with the superpower of starting companies, growing them big, and selling them off. 

To date, he’s sold 9 multimillion dollar companies!

Yaron and I have been doing business a long time in China. 

And from time to time we like to reminisce and laugh about the good old days of doing business with the Chinese. 

(You’ll understand why when you listen to the episode.)

I sat down with Yaron for this recording and asked him:

“Why do we even bother with contracts in China when they’re so hard to enforce?”

In this short yet knowledge-packed episode, you’ll discover:

  • Your secret weapon if you want to enforce contracts with Chinese manufacturers
  • What purpose a contract serves if you don’t have the means to enforce it
  • Why doing business in China is just like doing business anywhere in the world
  • The one sentence you need to add to your contracts to eliminate the “it was just a misunderstanding” excuse manufacturers like to use
  • And more

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