15 minutes | Nov 20th 2018

How E-Commerce And Digitization Are Changing Sourcing | Ep. 016

Transparency and accessibility.

That's what the internet brings to the table.

It's easier than ever before to access products and suppliers from all over the world.

This increases competition and puts downward pressure on margins.

How are you going to stand out from your competitors?

How are you going to stay profitable in the long-term?

You'll have to become more efficient...

Cut down lead times and be faster to market...

And always be ahead of the curve with better or more unique products.

In this episode of the podcast, David talks about the (positive) effects of E-Commerce and Digitization on the sourcing game.

You'll discover:

  • What today's buyers are really thinking when sourcing products (no, it's not "how cheap can I get this?")
  • The one key factor your business will live and die by...no matter which marketplace you're selling on.
  • How to take advantage of the "shared brain" of a buying team so you can be more productive and efficient.

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