32 minutes | Feb 17th 2013

The Global Child – The Millennial Generation: Expectations for Progressive Social Change

The Global Child is a show about leaders who impact positive social change working at the United Nations, government, private,or nonprofit organizations. Our guest today, Trell Thomas does not just talk about the social issues of the day but he is a social change agent who makes a difference with young people. Trell is a social entrepreneur whose passion drives his work for the social issues that directly affect the millennial generation. He is particularly focused on making civic engagement and politics "cool" for young people 18 to 35 years of age. Trell aspires to help them understand and connect the dots between what is happening in their community and the civic engagement process. His most recent project allowed him to do just that. Trell ran a campaign called "Hoodie Vote" that combined both of his passions; fashion and politics. His goal is to help empower young people to make a clear connection between social issues that effect their community and how they could make a difference through the vote. During the 2008 presidential campaign, he worked on the Obama-Biden campaign in their communications department as a Press Assistant and later made a transition to Media Constituency Outreach Coordinator. The youth vote in 2008 came out in historic numbers and while they were discounted as a future force for 2012, and were labeled apathetic. The convention wisdom said they were not going to come out in the same large numbers in 2012. The millennial generation, however, proved that they should not be ignored. They turned out in even higher numbers for Obama in 2012 and were a major reason for his election. Trell believes that his generation is not going away and that their voice does make a difference. Join us for my discussion with Trell Thomas.and learn what issues concern his generation and his work as an advocate and spokesperson for young people and the youth movement. Trell made a choice years ago to make a difference in society through his entrepreneurial passion for creating positive social change and leave the world a better place than he found it. Tell your friends, family, and social media networks to listen to best practices and lessons learned that Trell Thomas a 27 year old youth activist from a small town in Cassatt, South Carolina now serving as a Board of Director for To Love Children Educational Foundation International Inc, and its new Director of Communication and Media has to share with all generations. LINKS: Trell Thomas: Link
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