32 minutes | May 18th 2014

The Global Child – Early Childhood Development: A Conversation with Member of Parliament’s Honorable Dr Sam Agatre Okuonzi, Uganda.

In our first interview with Honorable Dr Sam Agatre Okuonzi we discussed child welfare, health policy and systems, and the role of education for a robust health system. Honorable Dr Sam Agatre Okuonzi (http://www.parliament.go.ug/new/)Member of Parliament, Uganda (http://www.opm.go.ug/)is a knowledgeable and experienced public health professional and has for about 20 years taught at university while practicing public health. He is currently a member of the Uganda Parliament. A medical doctor by training and a health economist with PhD in health policy and health systems development, he applies his knowledge and experience of health planning, management and policy in national policy development and legislation at the parliament. An article just published in The Journal of Global Health Care Systems, a peer review journal, written with my Senior Vice President of Global and Community Public Health titled Collaborative Method for Public Managers and NGO Leaders: Implementing Policy for Social Change, spotlights a collaborative partnership approach for developing and garnering support for my Nongovernmental Organization To Love Children’s Healthy and Smart, a HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum strategy. We instigated effective social change and public policy by forming collaborative partnerships. We examined as the essence of collaborative partnerships with key public policy and administrative actors is its alignment with a nation’s social development policy. I am particularly excited about our show as I have an opportunity to continue our dialogue with an international health expert. The show today is titled A Conversation with Member of Parliament’s Honorable Dr Sam Agatre Okuonzi, Uganda. My guest today is working for the rehabilitation of northern Uganda. He is an expert on Health policy and Health Systems; Honorable Dr Sam Agatre Okuonzi, Member of Parliament Uganda. He was a key actor in the development of the Uganda's Health Sector Strategic Plans I and II, the National Child welfare Strategic Plan (http://www.mglsd.go.ug/), and numerous national health programs and projects. Come and listen to our guest as he discusses: Uganda’s Early Childhood Development policy framework, Nutrition and Early Childhood Development, gender sensitive approach for infant and maternal mortality reduction, and the role of boys and men to be part of and support gender equality in educational development capacity programs in Uganda.
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