123 minutes | Jun 11, 2021

MSM’s Hunter Biden Hypocrisy | Guests: Alex Clark & Graham Allen | 6/11/21

It’s rant city as Glenn and Stu discuss the hypocrisy of the media refusing to cover Hunter Biden’s use of the N-word. Jeffrey Toobin is back at CNN after his Zoom … mishap. New York mother Tatiana Ibrahim joins after her viral confrontation of a school board to share her fight against the indoctrination of our children. Rep. Ilhan Omar is back in the news after comparing the U.S. to terrorist groups. Glenn goes through what Hamas states it actually believes. Glenn shares some anti-Trump narratives the media got flat-out wrong. TPUSA contributor Alex Clark stops by to discuss her show “POPlitics” and how she started her conservative career. Congressional candidate Graham Allen joins to share what led him to run for Congress.

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