123 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

Fauci is No ‘Mother Theresa’ | Guests: Charlie Kirk & Kory Yeshua | 6/3/21

The Biden administration doesn’t seem too worried that our major industries are being attacked by cyberterrorists. Glenn believes Biden has another goal in mind. Why is a student’s Hitler essay big news, but antisemitic posts from Google’s head of diversity aren’t. Thousands of Dr. Fauci’s emails have been made public. While the media covers for him, Glenn dives into what they truly reveal. Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk joins to discuss how far college campuses have fallen and why he’s warning about the “Four Horsemen of the 90’s.” A father and daughter’s TikTok video denouncing critical race theory has gone viral and the father, Kory Yeshua, joins to explain why he’s speaking out and address rumors that TikTok censored his video.

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