33 minutes | Nov 30, 2019

Episode 3: The Gig Upgrade

Young people in Africa were told that they were destined for office jobs and full-time salaries. But the economy doesn't have enough of those jobs to go around. Instead, the jobs people are getting—and sometimes preferring—are different kinds of gig work, i.e., an Uber/Lyft driver. Gig work is often easier to get, offers more flexible hours and locations, and lets you log in and out with the tap of an app. But what are the dangers of this new future of work, i.e., without benefits or job protections? Is it a race to the bottom for the lowest-income workers? Host: Damian S Milverton Voices you hear in this episode: Anne Gachoka, BFA Associate Miriam Wambui, HR Consultant Wangechi Kinuthia, student Georgia Wandia, student Maryanne Wangare Muthoni, student David Porteous, BFA Founder and Chair Nzisa Waki, Lynk Pro, Massage Therapist Jonathan Otieka Were, Lynk Pro, tiler, floor installer, and sander Johannes Degn, Lynk Cofounder Daniel Kivuti Gichoni, Ubereats delivery person Olga Morawczynski, Mastercard Foundation Program Manager Jane del Sur, FIBR Deputy Director
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